1958    ATAGÜR was founded in 1958 in order to operate on metal furniture.

1970    The company continued manufacturing in Ankara in order to improve itself and its vision with the experience gained on metal furniture

1992    Transferring its experience and knowledge on metal furniture production to wood furniture, the company has expanded its product portfolio and made significant progress by combining strength of metal and wood. R&D studies towards customer demands and expectations have continued uninterruptedly with the expansion of product portfolio and new design, while the range of products has been enriched on metal and wood products. It aimed to design the line of elegance and aesthetic for office furniture.

2002   The company makes export to many European countries, especially France, with the first export movement. In export, it has reached especially European quality standards and it became one of the most significant factors giving direction to its vision and targets in terms of strategic plans.

2008   The company has improved its experience, which it gained for 50 years on manufacturing metal and wood furniture, in line with domestic and foreign markets, and the company has opened ATAGÜR SHOWROOM at Çetin Emeç Boulevard in order to provide better service to its customers for presenting this improvement and quality.

2016   ATAGÜR, operating since 1958, shows its difference clearly with flexible design approach added to furniture and strong investments made in recent years by refreshing its image from start to finish with a new vision in our globalized world in order to make people understand its power in domestic and foreign markets more through its experience and knowledge for more than half a century. ATAGÜR takes part at front lines among leading companies in its field by holding firmly to its unique style, quality and technologic development followed closely.